Staying Safe, Secure, and Insured this Holiday Season

The holiday season demands a thorough review of your insurance coverage to keep you secure and provide peace of mind.

Travel Insurance for Extended Stays & Digital Nomads

Travel insurance isn't just for the occasional vacationer. It's an essential component of any long-term travel plan, especially for digital nomads.

Understanding Building Replacement Cost

Building replacement cost is a key factor that insurance companies consider when determining the right coverage for your property.

Insurance Broker Benefits

An experienced insurance broker can provide immense value by using their expertise to identify tailored coverage to meet your specific needs.

Genesis Assist Features & Benefits

From home and roadside emergencies to medical and office emergencies, Genesis Assist is your trusted partner in times of need.

Spring Insurance Checklist

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to reassess your insurance coverage and ensure that it aligns with your current needs.

Discounted Fines & Licences Portal

The Genesis Assist Discounted Fines & Licences Portal - simplifying fines and licence renewals with a convenient, user-friendly portal!

Discover the Genesis Lifestyle Mall

The Genesis Lifestyle Mall offers our valued clients exclusive access to amazing deals and discounts from well-known brands.

Overcoming Rising Motor Insurance Costs

The motor insurance market is facing challenges, with the cost of repairing accident-damaged vehicles experiencing a substantial increase.

Grid Failure & Insurance Implications

Our latest blog post explores what grid failure exclusions mean for your insurance, and steps you can take to limit risks.