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As South Africans, we have a shared experience of standing in queues.Queues for the bank, queues for buying our groceries at month-end, and the ultimate test of patience – the queue at any licensing department.


While everyone would like to avoid time spent in queues with strangers, some things simply can’t be avoided, and the issue of vehicle licence renewal (along with perhaps the odd traffic fine) needs to be handled on a recurring basis.

Surely, there must be an easier way? Well for Genesis Insurance customers, there is.

Join us as we explore the benefits of our innovative Fines and Licences Portal.




At Genesis, people are our first priority, which is why we introduced a range of added-value benefits as part of Genesis Assist.

Our exclusive customer benefit programme offers customers help, advice and assistance as part of their chosen insurance cover, and includes everything from home and office emergency assistance to legal advice and medical assistance, along with access to exciting discounts on a range of products and services from some of the country’s best-loved brands at the Genesis Mall.

Perhaps one of the biggest and best benefits is the Fines and Licences Portal – just another one of the ways we’ve tried to make our customers’ lives simpler by removing some of the admin, hassle and time spent on renewing licences or paying traffic fines.

Our secure online portal gives members a hassle-free way of renewing vehicle licence discs quickly and easily, with no queues and no admin.

And, while paying a fine is never a celebration for your pockets, we aim to make the process as pain free as possible.




With Licence Disk Assist, we can support both commercial and domestic members with an easy and straightforward way of renewing annual vehicle licence discs on time.

 Fines & Licences Portal


Did You Know: In 1930, there were 186,073 registered vehicles on South African roads. By 2005, this figure had increased to 7,971,187 vehicles.
Source: Arrive Alive.

Dealing with government departments usually involves a frustrating and time-consuming commitment from you, the applicant, and there is no proactive and reliable notification system for renewals.

With penalties or fines for late payments or driving without a valid vehicle licence on the rise, the Fines & Licences Portal is a convenient way of saving valuable time and avoiding any additional costs.

Benefits of using our portal include:

  • Relief
    Members can avoid the queues and admin associated with dealing with the Traffic Department or Post Office.
  • Recoveries
    We protect our members pockets by making sure that they never have to pay any penalty fees or fines for expired vehicle licence discs.
  • Representation
    Our expert team provides full administrative support for all licence renewal issues.




Not only can we assist members with licence renewals, our Fine Expert service also provides a unique service that is designed to take the hassle out of traffic fines.


Did You Know: R4.6 billion was paid in traffic fines in 2020, up from R4. 34 billion in 2019.
Source: Statistics South Africa


Nothing makes your heart sink quite like seeing a ticket plastered against your car window or being pulled over when driving.

While we can’t guarantee no more fines, we can provide reassurance in the form of a quick, easy and painless channel to get these fines paid, with the added benefit of negotiated fine reductions for members.

Some additional Fine Expert benefits include:

  • Easy, no fuss fines payment facility
  • Full legal assistance to assess fines legitimacy and legality
  • Discounts on traffic fines up to a maximum of 100%
  • 48-hour turnaround on fines payments
  • Proof of payment of fines are submitted to the member for use in road blocks should the need arise


 Fines & Licences Portal


By using our Fines and Licences Portal you can rest assured that your vehicle licences and fines will be handled professionally.

To find out more, talk to one of our expert advisors about your insurance requirements, and enjoy these added-value benefits along with top-class cover.