I Do Insure

Introducing I Do Insure™ Wedding Insurance. 

Brought to you by Genesis Insurance Brokers in partnership with iTOO Special Risks and Hollard Insurance Company. 

Insure your wedding with I Do Insure for peace of mind, and focus on planning your dream wedding, rather than worrying about what could go wrong.

After having been in the wedding industry for eight years, Zavion Kotze had witnessed first hand everrything that could possibly go wrong on the day of a wedding.

If one insures everything else in one’s life, such as pets, cars, homes and even lives, why wouldn’t one insure the most important day of your life?

After not finding a product on the market that would be suitable, Zavion approached Genesis Insurance Brokers who teamed up with ITOO Special Risks & Hollard Insurance Company to create I Do Insure™ – a wedding insurance product tailor made to suit your budget, fine-tuned with years of experience within the wedding industry.

I Do Insure gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your wedding with the knowledge that should something go wrong, you are covered.

Our Packages

Utilising the ideals of the Pillars of Marriage - Patience, Integrity, Respect and Adoration - our promise to you is that these will remain the cornerstones of I Do Insure™
I Do


Package 1
R 917
Over 6 Months
  • Perfect for wedding budgets between R50,000 and R100,000
  • Patience is the ability to endure difficult circumstances such as perseverance in the face of delay; tolerance of provocation without responding in anger; or forbearance when under strain, especially with long term difficulties.
I Do


Package 2
R 1208
Over 6 Months
  • Perfect for wedding budgets between R100,000 and R200,000
  • Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.
I Do


Package 3
R 2000 Over 6 Months
  • Perfect for wedding budgets between R200,000 and R500,000
  • Respect, also known as esteem, is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important, held in high esteem or regard. It conveys a sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities.
I Do


Package 4
R 3366
Over 6 Months
  • Perfect for larger wedding budgets that are over R100,000,000
  • Adoration is respect, reverence, strong admiration or devotion in a certain person, place, or thing.

    The term comes from the Latin adōrātiō, meaning “to give homage or worship to someone or something”.

What Is Covered?

I Do

Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions is designed to assist you in answering immediate questions you may have. Should you not find the answer you are looking for below, please contact us.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Basically, wedding insurance is cover that protects a couple’s investment from circumstances beyond their control, and reimburses unrecoverable expenses incurred.

Why Do I need Wedding Insurance?

Because anything can happen!! From a sudden cancelation, to stolen gifts or a damaged gown, wedding insurance can help protect you against the unforeseen, and can also afford you great peace of mind for your special day. 

Do I have to pay my premium upfront?

The premium charged is a once-off cost and can be paid upfront by EFT or via our secure payment gateway, however, should you wish to pay the premium on a monthly basis, this can be arranged via debit order against your bank account up until 31 days prior to the Wedding Event. The full premium is however payable before any claims will be paid.

What if my Vendors have their own Insurance?

Your wedding Insurance will not cover any losses which you are able to recover from your Vendors, however, in most cases, this is not possible and you are the one that ends up out of pocket. Wedding Insurance for the couple provides much wider cover which your Vendor’s policy may not cater for, such as Events cancellation, Curtailment and Rearrangement, Guest and Personal Liability, Wedding Attire and Rings, Wedding Gifts, Stationary, Attendee’s gifts, Cake and Flowers, Wedding cars and Transport, Equipment Hire and Essential Documents.

When should I purchase Wedding Insurance?

The sooner the better. Let’s say you put a deposit on your wedding reception venue 12 months prior to your wedding date and then it burns to the ground a few weeks before the big day. With wedding insurance, you’ll be sure to get your deposit back. It is important to remember that this Insurance cannot be purchased less than 3 months before the wedding.

Why should I choose I Do Insure™?

I Do Insure™ has aligned ourselves with leading experts in the Wedding industry and offers great service, affordable premiums (with various payment options) and no deductibles/excesses. I Do Insure™ is underwritten by iToo Special Risks (FSP No. 47230) on Behalf of Hollard Insurance company limited (FSP No. 17698). 

What if I decide against going through with my wedding?

Unfortunately, Wedding Insurance only covers unforeseen and unavoidable losses that are out of your control. A decision to not proceed with your ceremony or reception is not an insured event. 

What if it rains on my wedding day but the wedding does not need to be cancelled?

It is said that rain on your wedding day is seen as good luck, however, because we understand that this might be seen as an inconvenience and negative impact, we will pay out the Silver lining limit stated in your schedule regardless of whether a loss was suffered or not.

What if my wedding must be postponed and I incur costs to postpone my honeymoon as well?

You will be happy to know that your policy will cover the costs of the postponement of the wedding and the honeymoon, provided the costs combined do not exceed your policy limit. 

Who can take out a Wedding Insurance Policy?

The policy itself needs to be taken out by the couple being wed, however, payment can be made on their behalf by anyone wishing to do so.

How do I apply for a policy for my Wedding?

You can complete a simple application form online by selecting the “Apply Now” option. Should you wish to speak to a consultant for more details and a more personalized experience, you may contact us on  011 312 6784, email us on or complete the contact request form.

What if I do not own my Wedding Attire?

The I Do Insure policy cover for Wedding Attire is not limited to attire owned by the couple. Cover will be provided for rented attire in the event that you are responsible for the property, provided that the Wedding attire is in the possession of the couple, the wedding party or member of the immediate family. 

Can I upgrade my policy at any stage?

You may upgrade your policy to a higher tier up to 3 months before the Wedding event. The difference in premium will become payable based on the premium payment plan selected at the time of taking out the policy.