The Top 10 Insurance Mistakes to Avoid in 2024


Navigating the insurance landscape in South Africa can be as challenging as it is vital. 

Insurance is your safeguard, the financial protection for your assets, your health, and your business. But with a wide variety of insurance products available, policyholders can sometimes find themselves making costly mistakes. 

In the latest instalment of our insurance blog, our team of insurance experts highlights some of the most common insurance pitfalls – and how to avoid them and ensure you’re adequately protected.


insurance mistakes


1. Under-insuring to Save on Premiums

One of the most significant – and costly – mistakes is underinsuring assets to save on monthly premiums. Whether it’s your home contents, vehicle, or business assets, underinsurance can lead to substantial financial loss when it’s time to claim.  

💡 Ensure that your sum insured accurately reflects the value of your assets.


2. Overlooking the Details of Your Policy

The fine print in insurance policies often contains exclusions and limitations that policyholders overlook. In the event of a claim, discovering that certain events or items are not covered can be a rude awakening. For example, many car insurance policies have specific exclusions for damage caused by potholes or driving under the influence. 

💡 Understand your policy and ask for clarification on any points that are not clear.


3. Not Updating Your Policy Regularly

Life is dynamic – your insurance coverage should be too. Not updating your policy to reflect significant life changes, such as acquiring new assets, renovations to your property, or even changes in your health status, can lead to inadequate coverage.

💡 Regular policy reviews are essential.


4. Choosing the Cheapest Policy Without Considering Coverage

While finding an affordable policy is important, choosing the cheapest option without considering the extent of coverage can be a grave mistake. Low-cost policies might not offer comprehensive coverage, leaving you vulnerable and uninsured for common incidents like theft or hijacking.

💡 Ensure you have sufficient cover for your circumstances. 


5. Ignoring the Need for Specialist Insurance

Depending on your occupation or lifestyle, you might need specialist insurance. Professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, or architects, require professional indemnity insurance to protect against liability claims. Similarly, living in a flood-prone area would necessitate having add-ons to your home insurance to cover flood damage.

💡 If in doubt, talk to your broker about specialist policies available. 


6. Not Disclosing All Relevant Information

Full disclosure is a cornerstone of insurance. Failure to disclose material facts such as previous claims, medical conditions, or even security measures in place at your home can lead to your insurer repudiating a claim. 

💡 Always be honest when dealing with your insurance provider.


7. Relying Solely on Price Comparison Sites

While price comparison sites are useful tools, relying on them exclusively can be misleading. They may not always compare all policy features or include all insurers.

💡 Do your own research, which includes consulting with insurance brokers who have a good understanding of the insurance market.


8. Skimping on Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is often an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. Road accidents can result in significant third-party claims, or a mishap at your home or business could lead to costly lawsuits, which is why having adequate liability coverage is crucial.

💡 Consider the risks and arrange cover accordingly. 


9. Failing to Read Renewal Documents

Insurance policies are typically renewed annually, and this is a critical time to review any changes in the policy terms or premiums. Failing to do this can mean missing out on new benefits or, worse, not realising that certain coverages have been reduced or removed.

💡 Always read the fine print.


10. Not Shopping Around

Loyalty to one insurer can be beneficial, but it can also be costly if you don’t periodically shop around. The insurance market is competitive, and there may be better deals or more suitable coverage options available.

💡 Talk to a broker to ensure you get the right amount of cover to suit your individual needs. 


How Can We Help?

Having the right insurance coverage isn’t just a good decision — it’s essential for your peace of mind and financial well-being. Avoiding these common mistakes can help ensure that when you need your insurance the most, it will be there for you, offering the right level of protection. 

As your trusted insurance broker, our experienced team is on hand to advise on your unique circumstances and requirements. We’ll take the time to understand your insurance needs, review your policies regularly, and give professional advice.