Insurance Checklist


Springtime is the perfect opportunity to reassess your insurance coverage and ensure that it aligns with your current needs.

Just as you clean out your home, a thorough review of your policies can help you declutter and optimise your financial protection. 

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to effectively “spring clean” your insurance policies with our top tips and expert assistance from Genesis Insurance Brokers.

insurance checklist


Insurance Checklist Task 1 –  Evaluate Your Coverage

The first step to spring cleaning your insurance is to evaluate your current coverage.

Genesis Insurance Brokers offers a wide range of insurance options, including business, home, car, life, and travel insurance. Take the time to assess each policy to ensure that it adequately protects you and your assets. 

Consider any changes that may have occurred in your life, such as a new vehicle, a home renovation, or an addition to your family. By reviewing your coverage, you can ensure you have the right protection in place.


Insurance Checklist Task 2 – Identify Gaps in Coverage

During the evaluation process, it’s crucial to identify whether any gaps exist in the coverage that your current insurance policies afford you. Genesis Insurance Brokers’ experienced team can assist you with this  task, providing personalised advice based on your specific needs. 

Our team of passionate advisors are here to help you understand the areas where you may be underinsured, or where additional coverage may be prudent and beneficial. By addressing these gaps, you can ensure that you have greater peace of mind and financial security as we head into the summer season. 


Insurance Checklist Task 3 – Consolidate your Policies

Spring cleaning your insurance also involves streamlining your policies to simplify the management and payment process. The Genesis team can help with advice on consolidating your policies, allowing you to have a centralised view of your coverage.

By consolidating, you can potentially save time, reduce paperwork, and even enjoy multi-policy discounts. Discuss this option with your broker to determine the best approach to proceed with for your unique insurance portfolio.


Insurance Checklist Task 4 – Review your Deductibles and Premiums

Another vital aspect involves reviewing your excesses and premiums. We can help you understand the relationship between excess and premiums, ensuring that you strike the right balance. 

Adjusting deductibles can affect your premiums. As such,  it’s important to evaluate whether you are comfortable with the current excess amounts that are at play across your insurance portfolio. Working closely with our advisors will empower you to know how to effectively tailor your excesses and premiums, to better suit your budget and risk tolerance.


Insurance Checklist Task 5 – Take Advantage of Discounts

We all understand the value of saving money without compromising on coverage, which is why many insurance providers offer various discounts and incentives to help you maximise your insurance benefits. 

During your spring cleaning process, inquire about any available discounts that you may qualify for. These discounts could include bundling policies, maintaining a clean driving record, or implementing security measures in your home. Our trusted insurance brokers are here to guide you through this process, to help you take the best advantage of these cost-saving opportunities.


Insurance Checklist Task 6 – Stay Informed

Organising and consolidating your insurance also involves staying informed about the latest updates and changes in the insurance industry. At Genesis, we make an active effort to keep our clients informed about policy enhancements, new products, and changes in regulations.

By staying informed, you can proactively adjust your coverage as needed and take advantage of new opportunities for protection, and our commitment to communication ensures that you are always up to date and well-informed.


Contact us Today to Kick-Start your Insurance Spring-Clean

Carrying out a spring-clean checklist for your insurance is a vital step to ensure you have the right coverage in place to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets. Genesis Insurance Brokers offers the expertise and support needed to navigate this process quickly, seamlessly and as professionally as possible. 

Contact us to discuss how you can achieve comprehensive and tailored insurance that is guaranteed to place you in the best-insured position possible.