Roof Maintenance Tips: Safeguarding Your Home

Roof maintenance pays off in the long run, while neglecting your roof can lead to a cascade of problems from minor leaks to structural damage.

Understanding Building Replacement Cost

Building replacement cost is a key factor that insurance companies consider when determining the right coverage for your property.

Grid Failure & Insurance Implications

Our latest blog post explores what grid failure exclusions mean for your insurance, and steps you can take to limit risks.

Emergency Roadside Assist Spotlight

Genesis Emergency Roadside Assist is a reliable roadside assistance service that provides drivers with peace of mind in road-related emergencies.

Emergency Home Assist Spotlight

Our latest blog explores the services offered by Genesis Emergency Home Assist, and how we can help you in the event of a home emergency.

Understanding Fires And Your Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance usually covers fire damage. However, understanding your policy's details ensures you have adequate coverage if the unthinkable happens.

Home Hazards – Keeping Your Family Safe At Home

HOME HAZARDS & SAFETY TIPS    Your home is your sanctuary. Your safe space… or is it? Being aware of hazards within your home is the first step to preventing

Everything You Need to Know About Water-shedding

WATER-SHEDDING 101 – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW With many parts of South Africa struggling with water interruptions and poor supply, our latest blog takes a look at how the

Surge Protection & Load-shedding – The Insurance Implications

Surge Protection & Load-shedding   Traffic delays, late dinners and wet hair – just when you thought you had enough to worry about thanks to load-shedding, there’s another factor that’s

Why Household Contents Cover is Crucial

Why Household Contents Cover is Crucial   The rise in extreme weather events is a stark reminder that having the correct household contents cover in place is becoming increasingly important.